Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching

The power of 1:1 Coaching is a partnership, providing the space to explore, challenge, enhance and continuously develop your professional style, voice and leadership versatility.  Learn to identify and enhance your assets, recognize and breakthrough blocks which can hold you back and create impactful, sustainable change.  Accelerating your success, from insight to action.

My clients are successful, high performing executives and emerging talent that recognize the power of the pause; and the value of investing in their personal development to enhance their professional success.  They understand the importance of being an everyday leader, learning how to lead themselves and the impact that has on their ability to successfully lead, engage and motivate others.

I work with organizations who believe their greatest asset is their People.  They understand the commitment to developing executives and emerging leaders direclty drives productivity, engagement, innovation, results, and high performing teams.

Coaching Philosophy: You are your greatest asset; Your only obstacle is your mindset.  My coaching approach starts from within focused on mindset and core energy leadership methodologies. Strategies, processes and principles are based on the latest research in human behavior, neuroscience and leadership development.  This Core foundational work is key in driving sustainable results.

Coaching Engagements: Tailored to a client’s individual objectives and needs.  I meet them where they are at in their career, supporting their growth and development creating a roadmap for success.

The Key to Success is You!

The Empowerment Key - Executive Coaching

Know Yourself

Improve Yourself

Manage Yourself

Coaching Approach

We believe personal and professional development is a continuous learning process.  Each stage throughout your career journey provides new experiences, expectations, people and challenges to navigate, learn from and adapt to.

Whether you are a new manager, an executive leading a new division, an individual contributor, or a C-Suite executive, before you can inspire and lead others successfully, it’s important to start from within to understand these three Core areas of yourself: Energy, Mindset and Strengths.  This is where we begin:

 Your Energy

How you show up and the impact you have on others

 Your Mindset

Your current thought process, intentions and ability to see other perspectives

The Empowerment Key - Executive Coaching Your Strengths

How they work for or against you, which ones need fine tuning and what new ones you can build upon

During a job transition into a new role in a new organization, Amy was able to help me through the first year of that transition. I gained self confidence in my ability to make the right decisions. I learned a lot about myself in the process and found that I knew what I needed to do in many situations but having a coach to help me ”replay” situations and come up with the win/win was invaluable to me personally and professionally.

~ Director Human Resources, Dawn

The Empowerment Key - Executive Coaching

Leadership Tools

Cor.E Leadership Dynamics™/Energy Leadership™ tools and assessments are at the heart of my coaching approach. With these tools we can identify your internal makeup and current perspective. Cor.E Leadership Dynamics provides a Leadership Success framework with 7 Levels of Energy/Mindset. This provides the baseline required to enhance and further develop your Leadership style, voice and versatility.

Leadership Versatility (LVI 360) is also an important foundation as successful leaders have learned the art of balancing the competencies under these complimentary opposites:
How you lead = Assertive vs Enabling and
What you lead = Strategic vs Operational.                                                    Learning where your strengths are in each area, what you can Do More of or Less of and how to find balance between them is another key to developing your leadership success.

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)™ provides the framework for building trust, developing how we communicate, creating “We-Centric” vs “I-Centric” leaders, and understanding how our ‘words create worlds’.

Hogan Assessment provides powerful insights into Your bright side = How you work, Your dark side = How you show up under stress and Your Values.  The assessment also helps you understand how others perceive you, providing you insights to adjust and enhance your style.

What are you focused on in your leadership development?

 Here are some common experiences

Promotion To A New Leadership Role

You are a highly driven, successful individual contributor recently promoted to manage, lead and develop a team. How do you transition from self-focused to team focused, still driving projects/programs? Learn how to go from Driving to Inspiring.

Transitioning To A New Company

You’re excited to lead a new team at a new company, however, your stuck in your head second guessing yourself and listening to that inner critic. Learn how to breakthrough blocks holding you back so you can lead with confidence and set a plan for your first 90 days.

Developing Your Leadership Voice

You are successfully progressing in your career to senior leadership roles and have been asked to speak up more as your opinion is valued.  You realize you haven’t engaged enough for others to know where you stand or your point of view. Learn how to develop your Voice and how to add value in your own style.

Leadership Versatility

You are leading major initiatives and find you get frustrated when others aren’t keeping up or following along.  Your given feedback that you are too far ahead of everyone, not listening enough, losing them along the way.  Learn how to Pause, Meet people where they are at, engage and involve them.

Identifying Value & Purpose

You are interviewing for a new role, have lots of experience but not sure of your value in the market and how to tell your story.   Learn how to gain clarity and confidence, shift perspective, develop your purpose and connect the dots to your story and the new role.

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