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Are you new to managing people or recently promoted to a new leadership position? Excited and know you are ready but not sure where to start or feeling a bit overwhelmed?  Have you been promoted over the years without any formal training in need of a fresh approach and new tools to continue to develop yourself? 

The Management Essentials.Core (ME.Core) training program and workshops are interactive and comprehensive providing managers with the essential tools and experiences to become highly effective and successful in engaging, motivating, developing and leading themselves and their teams for peak performance.

The program begins with a deep dive into understanding what it means to be a manager and manage others with a focus on mindset, awareness of ‘how you show up’ and the impact of leading and communicating with positive intention.

Over 500 managers, directors and vice presidents have gone through the program and have shared that the key tools and learning came from understanding new perspectives, the mindset they were showing up with and learning new communication approaches to help them lead with confidence.

Here are the program’s main modules to build a strong foundation for success:

The Empowerment Key - HR Talent Consulting
The Empowerment Key - Management Training & Development

Develop the Leader In You: Energy Leadership™ Workshop

Whether you are a senior executive, a new manager, or developing in your career, you have opportunities to lead, motivate and inspire everyday. How you develop yourself as a leader is critically important to individual, team and organizationl sucess.   How have you begun to develop the leader in You?

There’s one hidden strength we all have within us that when we unlock it and learn how to access and maximize it is a game changer in how we show up, engage and lead.  That one strength/superpower is your Energy.  This is not your basic personality competency, this is truly at your Core, focused on your Mindset.  By focusing on the power of our core thoughts, which generate how we feel, we can choose how we act and the impact we have. At every moment you have the power to choose how you want to show up, however, we sometimes get in our own way or are triggered by outside influencers.

Through Energy LeadershipTM you will learn the Leadership Success framework with 7 levels of Energy/Mindset to choose how to create the best version of yourself as you develop your leadership style.  With these tools you will learn how to manage your mindset to lead with intention, enhance your communication style and engage and inspire others for success.

Clients are surprised at the power and simplicity of the Leadership Success framework.  The simple awareness of it creates an immediate shift and begins to build a strong foundation for success.



The Empowerment Key - Management Training & Development
The Empowerment Key - Management Training & Development

Team Workshops

Have you recently built a new team that is just getting to know each other? Have you blended a new and existing team from different divisions/companies? Have you just been promoted to now lead your team of peers?  Has the energy in your team changed and need a recalibration? Are you looking for a team building workshop?

Team dynamics can make or break a team and have lasting impact on an organization. I customize workshops to help teams learn how their different work styles and approaches can become their greatest asset and how they can leverage their collective strengths to build their unique team dynamics for success.

As communication is a fundamental basis for team success, Conversational IntelligenceTM (C-IQ) tools and frameworks are introduced: from how to build trust to understanding the three types of conversations and the impact they have.

Energy LeadershipTM is incorporated so each team member starts to understand how they are showing up and how to choose different levels of energy/mindset to engage others, maximize connection and get into team flow.

Together we work through what the team does well together, what they can do more of and less of, we identify areas holding them back and opportunities for growth and then they co-create their Team Blueprint for Success.

The workshops are interactive, creative, challenging and motivating.

Clients have found the power in the pause, that taking the time out to focus on each other, being open to hear each other, learn and share with each other in a safe environment provided impactful team shifts setting them up for long-term success.

The Empowerment Key - Management Training & Development


The Empowerment Key - Management Training & Development


The Empowerment Key - Management Training & Development


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