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HR Talent Consulting

Your organization’s greatest assets are your People; they are the heartbeat, voice and energy of the organization which make it thrive.

How are you fueling their development? Their individual and combined energy extends to your customers, your brand, your community, your productivity, innovation and bottom line.

In my experience, the power of commitment to, inclusion of and communication with your people is contagious and results in exponential creativity, productivity, dedication, and success.  Opening lines for communication to flow, offering transparency, encouraging ideas at every level and investing in your talent are the foundations of an engaged and productive organization.

I provide thought partnership, consulting and perspective to organizations committed to talent development in support of enhanced culture, growth and change.

Working with organizations from the inside out customizing programs to align and connect your values and purpose to your most valued resource…your people.

The Empowerment Key - HR Talent Consulting

 Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business.

Healthy, engaged employees are your top competitive advantage.

~ Sir Richard Branson

An empowered employee is provided:



Clear expectations, tools, resources, and a constant flow of information to support peak performance.


Supportive leadership providing  a safe space to share ideas, challenge the status quo, innovate, create, stretch, learn and grow.

Learning Culture

A development culture providing productive growth conversations and continuous training throughout their career progression.

The Empowerment Key - HR Talent Consulting

Amy’s knowledge, professional experiences, practical applications, and inviting demeanor, fosters an optimal coaching environment.  The conversational style and energy leadership approach allows the individual to unlock the best that is within themselves.  They can then apply it to their everyday to allow their team to grow and develop alongside themselves.

~ Senior Director of Competition, Jeff Baldino

The Empowerment Key - Management Training & Development


The Empowerment Key - Management Training & Development


The Empowerment Key - Management Training & Development


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The Empowerment Key

The Empowerment Key

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