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Developing, empowering and inspiring new managers and emerging leaders.

Investing in talent early at key career stages, building strong foundations for success.

Talent Development, A Key To Success

Leadership Development Coaching


1:1 private coaching to create your unique leadership style, develop your authentic voice, build confidence and clarity  to  lead, inspire and empower.

Our coaching philosophy is based in Energy Leadership meaning we believe leadership development starts from within and you have the power to be transformational.  To develop and refine leadership abilities we begin with creating awareness and new perspectives.  Once vision, values and intentions are aligned you have the ability to see opportunities and possibilities through a new lens.  You’ll learn to identify and maximize the strengths that got you here and tap into and build new ones to reach your true potential. Through exploration you will design your leadership style, build confidence and your authentic voice enhancing your performance and ultimately that of your team and organization.

Management Training


Are you new to managing people or recently promoted to a new leadership position; excited and know you are ready but not sure where to start or feeling a bit overwhelmed?   Have you been promoted over the years without any formal training in need of a fresh approach and new tools to continue to develop yourself? 

The Management Essentials.Core training program and workshops are interactive and comprehensive providing managers with the essential tools and experiences to become highly effective and successful in engaging, motivating, developing and leading themselves and their teams for peak performance.

The program begins with a deep dive into understanding what it means to be a manager and manage others with a mindset of developing, empowering and listening to learn; awareness of ‘how we show up’ and the impact of leading and communicating with positive intention.

The program modules include the main areas new managers and emerging leaders think about and continuously ask for support and guidance on: from Time Management (feeling overwhelmed balancing a new role, responsibilities and expectations),  Delegating (why they don’t, why they should, and how to successfully),  a Performance Development mindset for increasing team engagement; the importance of Effective Communication and the Power of Conversations (establishing trust, 2-way conversations often, listening to learn) and Coaching to empower and develop employees.

Over 500 Managers/Directors and Vice Presidents have gone through the programs and have shared that the key tools and learning came from understanding new perspectives, mindset and learning a new communication approach which helped them lead with confidence.

HR Consulting

Providing thought partnership, consulting and perspective to organizations committed to talent and performance development in support of enhanced culture, growth and change.  Customizing programs to meet each companies individual needs.

Working with organizations from the inside out to align and connect their values and purpose to their most valued resource…their people.

In my experience, the power of commitment and inclusion is contagious and results in exponential creativity, productivity, dedication and success.  Opening lines of communication, offering transparency, encouraging ideas at every level and investing in talent are the foundation of an engaged and productive organization.

Client Experiences

During a job transition into a new role in a new organization, Amy was able to help me through the first year of that transition. I gained self confidence in my ability to make the right decisions. I learned a lot about myself in the process and found that I knew what I needed to do in many situations but having a coach to help me ”replay” situations and come up with the win/win was invaluable to me personally and professionally.”
~ Director Human Resources

“In my coaching experience with Amy I found my value as a professional. It’s like the light bulb went on. I have become more comfortable and confident with my ability to present myself for all that I know. She taught me to present my best professional self without sacrificing authenticity. Still myself but better!” ~ Head of Technology

“This experience gave me renewed confidence to approach my job in a new way and tackle some difficult situations in a positive and constructive manner.” ~ Chief Operating Officer

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